onsdag 7. juli 2010

"Io" fan-made video

Taken from BTG's latest recording "Io/Solon EP" (2010).

tirsdag 29. juni 2010

"Diaphanous" fan-made video

Taken from "Constellations I-VII" (2008).

søndag 27. juni 2010

New songs "Io" and "Solon"

"Io" and "Solon", two brand new BTG songs, are now up on our MySpace page. "Io" is arguably the catchiest, most straightforward song we've ever written, while "Solon" (which features the vocals of Tine Handeland) showcasts our more progressive leanings. Both songs are expected to feature on an EP soon to be released.

onsdag 28. april 2010

Studio time confirmed

On May 21st BTG will begin recording new material. We are entering the studio as a trio this time due to Kristin being located in Oslo at the moment, but we might be joined by a few guest musicians. We are even toying with the idea of adding some vocals to the mix, so we'll see what happens. Expect a faster, more complex sound this time as the evolution of BTG continues...